Welcome to the Equinox Apothecary!

This space is filled with Wiccan information, tips, and of course our shoppe where you can purchase everything you need to practice your craft. We have active spellwork for sale, along with components for your own spellwork, altar goods, and more. If you are browsing and find we are missing something you need, let us know. We can look into adding it to our inventory.

About The Equinox Apothecary

T.E.A. Is proudly located in the heart of Oregon, nestled in the Willamette Valley. We are surrounded by life and try to bring that energy into everything that we do. The Pacific Northwest is home to bountiful nature, and the Willamette Valley with the strong Willamette River brings plenty of wild energy into our works.

We pull in a lot of influence from the world around us in our magic. The many abundant trails to wander help clear our minds and souls, allowing us to work more efficiently. Every item sold has spent time taking in that great quality atmosphere the PNW Willamette Valley has to offer. We will be updating the site with weekly rotating photos of where we work in nature.

Most items in the shoppe will have some charge from the valley, whether empowered by the moon, sun, or another element available to us. We are proud of our home and are excited to share the energies with you!

Born in the PNW

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We love to show off where we live, come and travel with us around Oregon.

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The Shoppe

Our Shoppe has a varied and ever-growing inventory of spellwork, supplies, and accoutrement for the witch lifestyle. We have items for sale for your altar, your spellwork, your home; from daily practice to sabbat celebration. Our Shoppe provides items for new witches’ starting out and for established witches’ looking to replenish their stock.

Cannot find what you seek? Let us know. We want this shoppe to have all that you may need for a successful journey as a Practitioner of the Craft.

Special Collections

The Mystic Nights Collection


The Woodland Serenity Collection


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The Practitioner’s Handbook

In the Practitioner’s Handbook, we will provide: information, tips, and more with timely posts. We have several handbook sections from Sabbats, Divination, Spellwork, and the Practitioner’s Blog:


Sabbats features all the core information of each sabbat, along with relevant sabbat tips and practices.
Divination will feature several how-to guides for working with items we sell in the Shoppe, such as the Runes and Cartomancy goods, and more.
Spellwork will feature the basic ins and outs of active spellwork, as well as the spellwork items we sell in the Shoppe. We will offer tips and helpful guides for spells.
The Practitioner’s Blog will have posts about everything from recipes for our kitchen witches’, to plants safe for forging, to helpful tips for daily practice. The blog can also answer any witch-related questions you may have, of course, we may not have every answer you seek.

Recent Posts in the Handbook

Dec 31st – Spiritually & Physically cleanse of the House, Thorr & Sif, Divination Spread of the New Year

Dec 31st – Spiritually & Physically cleanse of the House, Thorr & Sif, Divination Spread of the New Year

The last day of Yule and the year, bless the house for protection and drive out the last of the wandering Yule spirits. It’s the day to the divination spread of The New Year.